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Amany is a life coach in self-development and life coaching. In our website, Amany introduces many services including sessions in life coaching with clients. Types of sessions are:

1- Life Coaching session. It is a discussion with the client about the problem of looking for a solution or goal wants to reach him where the text points scattered to reach personal empowerment and then personal superiority. It costs 500 SR per 1 hr 10 mins.

2- Theta healing session. It is the meditation and deep calm of the mind that allows the therapist to discover the obstructive beliefs that cause the client's problem or that constitute an obstacle to getting a goal or desire and remove it. It costs 450 SR per 1 hr.

3- Awareness Tracks Session. This session is based on awareness of the pathways of consciousness by touching the processor to the 16 energy pathways in the client's brain to free it from the negative electromagnetic energy that charges ideas, actions and beliefs that hinder its infinite choices. It costs 500 SR per 1 hr 30 mins.

4- Maturity session. A session devoted to the treatment of self-destruction through the discovery of beliefs that impede self-confidence and work to liberate and raise the entitlement. It costs 600 SR per 1 hr.

Also, Amany introduces smart tests that analysis some psychological information about each client. Now one test is available and the others will be available soon. The available test is the Chakra measurement test and it costs 250 SR.

Amany introduces many courses some of them are free and some are paid. For free courses we have now:

1- Change's keys, free.

2- The walls of intentions and the art of Transfiguration, free.

Other paid course we still work on them, one course will be available at 20/6/2019. Its name is The Intelligent Body and it costs 2963 SR.

We aim in the future to introduce live courses. We use now an external platform for the merchant to get the payments but it is considered as an independent platform. The website still in the progressing step, and the different paid methods will serve us greatly, so 2checkout is the perfect choice for our website.


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